First Weekend in the North

Shalom from Israel! We finished our first full week of teaching and spent the weekend exploring the north side of Israelβ€”in fact, we went to both coasts from the Sea of Galilee to Haifa! Unfortunately, Ariel couldn’t join us in our adventures this weekend because she spent some time with her cousins in Tel Aviv. Since she doesn’t appear in this post, before sharing our exploration I want to feature a picture of Ariel with her relatives from this weekend:

Ariel with her relatives in Tel Aviv!

We headed to the Sea of Galilee in the morning of Friday. It was a warm, sunny day, perfect for hiking along the Sea of Galilee! Though we didn’t accomplish our original plan of walking on the Kinneret Trail from Capernaum to Tiberias, we walked for a few hours along the Sea of Galilee enjoying the beautiful views. We started our trek from the Capernaum National Park, where we found many wild peacocks! We spent quite some time chasing the peacocks and taking pictures of/with them. Here is a collage of each of us taking a selfie with peacocks:

Kalyn, Emily, Christina (respectively) with peacocks!

Here at the national park we also spotted an interesting sight of cats and peacocks fighting for food from humans:

Isn’t it kinda scary to imagine something as big as a peacock asking you for food
Also the peacock won the food fight against cats

There were many other wild animals, like chickens and turkeys. After spending some time taking pictures of animals, we started our walk towards Tiberias. We really enjoyed the long walk along the Sea of Galilee with beautiful views.

Emily, Kalyn, and Christina (respectively) enjoyed walking along the Sea of Galilee! We also took individual portraits, inquire if interested πŸ˜‰

We were lucky to be there on a day with such nice weather πŸ™‚ After reaching Tiberias (by taking a bus at some point), we were starving and stopped by a shawarma vendor for some food before heading back. Weekend travel is sometimes hard with Shabbat, so we tried to leave Tiberias relatively early.

We had another (relatively) early morning on Saturday when we headed to Haifa. We first hit Bahai Gardens, and there we ran into 5 other GTL students! The 8 of us did an English tour of the gardens together, and we were able to learn about the Bahai Faith religion and the garden designs. Walking down 700 stairs, we were able to see beautiful views of the gardens throughout the tour.

Bahai Gardens, one of the most popular destinations in Israel

The 8 of us went to a nearby shawarma restaurant that was recommended on Trip Advisor, “Sabbah”. It was probably the best shawarma I have ever had! There was a recommended juice stand right across the street too, and we all enjoyed the freshly-squeezed juice as well. I got strawberry-mango-grapefruit smoothie, and it is my favorite fruit juice I have had in Israel so far!

Freshly-squeezed juice stand in front of Shawarma Sabbah

The huge GTL group split up after this, and the 3 of us continued our day with a walk to the beach through Wadi Nisnas (Arab neighborhood) and the German Colony. It was really interesting to see two areas next to each other with such different cuisine and architecture.

Something people don’t mention about Israel often is that there are cats everywhere; we realized this in Tel Aviv, Nazareth, and Sea of Galilee, and the Haifa beach was not an exception. Many people were fishing at this beach, and the cats were waiting for people to catch some fish and feed them.

Cats at the Haifa beach

We made our way to the Louis Promenade afterwards, just in time to catch the sunset on the walk. It was an amazing sight throughout the walk on the promenade, and we made it at the perfect time with the perfect weather.

Photoshoot at the Louis Promenade at sunset!

It was a weekend filled with sunshine, warmth, good food, nature, animals, and friends πŸ™‚

Our adventure continues… πŸ™‚

P.S. All photos have been compressed for website use. Inquire Kalyn for original high-quality photos on this page.

Written by Kalyn Bowen

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